De-briefing your race - the key to racing to your absolute best! By Coach Chris.


We have already received some fantastic post Iornman de-briefing that will no doubt assist individuals and coaches in preparing and building on results. There are a few crucial areas besides the obvious physical preparation that I believe are needed to help an athlete to race to the best of their ability.  These areas are:

1)  Starting with a race plan.

2) Getting into the zone on race day and executing your plan.

3) Understanding what it is that will drive you to the finish line and will keep you going no matter what. What will drive you to dig deep?

4) Analysing your race.

In my opinion, the race de-brief should not be about the splits, times or data as much as it is an opportunity to tell your story and more often than not your story will back up your times, split and data info. You should analyse each area of your race coming up with positives and negatives and it is also important to understand the positive and negative decisions you made throughout your race and how these decisions may have effected you and your race.  Look into each of the following areas separately: days leading up to your race, race morning, swim, bike and run, transitions, post race. Coming up with solutions is an important part of the de-brief and this can be done individually as well as with your coach.

If you think looking over a de-brief example will help you with please let us know.

Happy De-briefing, Coach Chris Thomas.