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Energy Link Coaching services

Our individual training program are designed specifically for you. You are not a number, you are an individual with your own background, ability, lifestyle and personal goals. All of this information is critical in planning an effective training program. To get things started we will arrange a time to meet with you for the initial consultation and then we can start planning!

Initial Consultation/set -up: We will start with making time to meet with you in person or via email or phone depending on your location and ability to meet. This is where we will asses your personal history including your health, lifestyle and training/racing history. We will also discuss your short and long term goals and training availability.

If we feel that the athlete will benefit from specific testing and you would like to take that path, then we will refer you to the Sydney Sports Science Institute under the expert care of Professor Martin Thompson or we can arrange in-house testing to be carried out at a suitable venue. We do not believe that every athlete will benefit from testing and we will advise each athlete individually.

If we feel that the athlete will benefit from technique analysis or video analysis for the swim, bike or run this can also be arranged. Initial and ongoing video analysis has proved to be a very effective way coach individuals and to address technique and skills. 

Season Planning and overview: We provide you with a complete training & racing plan. This overview is plotted with your training macro cycles (training blocks or phases) and micro cycles (weekly or monthly training regime) it also includes possible training events, key events or major goals and focus areas.

Individual cyclic training programmes: These are the weeks or months (micro-cycles) within the training overview. We will provide you with a training program based on all of the above information. Our program cycles are individually tailored to meet the needs of each athlete.

Ongoing Coaching advice and support: As your coach we will provide you with on-going coaching and support in person, via the phone and or through email.

Group or individual training sessions: Energy Link coaches for the Balmoral Triathlon Club. We run a brick (bike/run) session for the club on Saturday morning in Centennial Park and a track session on Thursday evenings at Mosman Oval. We also run sessions from our home at various stages throughout the year depending on the focus for our athletes.

For the Ironman athletes we organise IM training weekends and this will provide the athletes with specific Ironman preparations leading into an event.

Individual training sessions can be arranged: however, an additional fee is charged.

Male and Female coaching: One of our greatest assets is the fact that we offer professional coaching by both Male and Female coaches.

Strength, resistance and cross training: Many athletes will benefit from these programmes at a specific time of the year. We provide strength or resistance training, core stability and plyometric programmes to individual athletes. If we feel you will benefit from extended advice then we will refer you to one of our professional partners.

Nutritional Planning and advice: This is an area that is often neglected by athletes. Why do so many athletes spend endless hours and energy training as well as spending money on equipment and yet fail to plan and trial their race day nutrition and hydration. I don’t know about you but if all I have to do is sit on my behind and put strategies into place and that is going to optimise my performance I would have it down pat! Getting your nutrition and hydration strategies right for racing and for training is very individual and it needs to be approached that way. Bruce and Christina have many years experience and have learned a lot by trial and error to supplement the current thinking in these areas. We can provide athletes with expert advise on hydration and nutritional planning so that you can optimise your training and racing performance as well as your recovery. If we feel you will benefit from extended advise then we can refer you to one of our professional partners.

Training and racing de-brief:  Evaluation is an invaluable tool for improvement and is another area that is often neglected. It is important to reflect on your past so that you can plan effectively for the future. As your coach we will encourage you to go through a season de-brief.

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