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Triathlon Coaching and Training Programs

Interested in training with the Energy Link team?

Energy Links training philosophy is simple. We believe that to be successful at anything it takes hard work and commitment and to be the best you can be you need to take advantage of your strengths and work hard on your weakness. Training effectively is about training consistently as an individual, training smart and enjoying what you do. 

Our vision:

Energy Link strives to be to be a premier performance training and coaching group in Australia. Drawing on years of elite level local and international racing and on 20 years of coaching experience.

Energy Link will achieve this through realistic and proven training methods, dedicated athlete support and individually tailored training programs that will support the highest goals for all ability levels.

 Why our coaching and training programs are successful. We offer:

  • Individual planning including and overview or macrocycle that will be based around YOUR history, ability, goals, strengths, weakness and lifestyle.
  • Work with an accredited and highly experienced coaching team that will keep you motivated and will educate you along the way.
  • We provide personal feedback and communication on an ongoing basis.
  • Greater improvements in minimal time due to our proven training methods.
  • Eliminate guesswork from your daily, weekly and monthly training and be confident that you are training effectively.
  • Time effective training sessions based around your individual and realistic time available to train.
  • Team sessions to provide skill development, specific training and motivation throughout each year.
  • Two professionally run triathlon training camps each year providing you with the opportunity to work intensively with your coach during the camp.
  • Flexibility and monitoring of your individual training program.

Getting started with Energy Link Coaching:  Feel free to complete the contact form within our site or call or email anytime with your coaching equity. We look forward to helping your realise your potential! Contact details here: http://www.energylink.com.au/contact-us/index.shtml

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