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Energy Link Coaching team - our top tips for racing Ironman.

You have to prepare physically but on race day you need to be prepared mentally: no matter who you are, Ironman is a long day and you will only get the best out of yourself if you are mentally prepared to stay focused throughout the event. Everyone goes through tough spots and you have to be able to manage well them to PB.

Have a plan and stick to it: It’s you against IM – if you have a plan and follow it then you win the day and you can’t be disappointed.  If you don’t follow the plan during the race, the race wins!

Focus on what you can control in the race: if the race gets tough, don’t waste energy worrying about how hard the day is, focus on doing the things that you can control as well as possible – nutrition, technique, aerodynamics, etc. Give yourself feedback on these things regularly – have I eaten enough, are my pedal strokes smooth, am I running tall, is my stride rate good…

Take your time and be patient - Ironman is a long day and you need to use your physical and mental energy efficiently to get the best out of yourself.

There is no such thing as a good bike, followed by a bad run - Contrary to popular belief Ironman is not a bike race and it always comes down the run. A bad run will cost you a lot more time than being conservative bike.

Break the day into small pieces to focus on small achievable goals - Focus on each moment and control what you can at the time, its easier to manage than the big picture.

Pre race: Do whatever you can before race week to get organized ie: bike service 2/3 weeks out, accommodation check, all nutrition bought and packed, spares bought and packed, all shoes, helmets clothing in good condition, know which socks you're going to wear, anti-chafe lubricant tried tested. Also, plan your menu for the whole of race week - Monday to Sunday

Set an alarm on your watch to remind you to eat/drink every 15-30min. You can sometimes get caught up in the race and forget to eat/drink. Have an alarm to remind you.

Nothing new on race day: no new equipment, food, drink, racing level etc on race day. If you have never averaged 33km/h on the bike over 180km, don’t think that you will suddenly be able to do it on race day!

Race YOUR OWN race from the start to the finish chute: A smart Ironman athlete knows how to be patient and performs well.

Don’t underestimate a smooth, relaxed, efficient transition. Valuable and limited energy needs to be harnessed rather than wasted.

Enjoy the experience: Only a very small percentage of the world’s population can complete an IM. You have worked hard to be here, enjoy the day!

Be mentally prepared for the difficult moments - You won't feel good all day, have some strategies to cope with the tough times, and realise everyone else is hurting too and you will likely feel better soon. Walk yourself through how you would react if things go wrong on race day and have a plan. Ie: flat, broken chain, nausea - nutrition not quite working, what if I cramp?!

Enjoy every minute, smile, have fun and you will race better - Think about why you signed up for the race and who has sacrificed for you to be here, thank them by enjoying yourself.

Pre-race massage – No later than Thursday before a Sunday race day.

Rolling swim start: DO NOT PLACE YOURSELF TO FAR TO THE FRONT OR BACK. There's no advantage being swum over by faster swimmers and there's no advantage swimming over or around slower swimmers. Be realistic about your swim so you can get into the water with people of similar pace, which will be to your advantage and will help you relax.

SMILE! Embrace the moment, love the race - it will love you back.

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