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Energy Link Performance Coaching update - March

Hi Team,

We hope the training is going well and that you are surviving all the rain! Stay positive and use it to make you even tougher!Following is our Energy Link Coaching update.

Coach Lew
 Coach Lew racing Husky.

Welcome Lew Hartley to the Energy Link Coaching Team:

We are excited to welcome Lew Hartley to the Energy Link Coaching team. Lew has recently completed his Level 1 Tri Coach course and practical and will be coaching under the Energy Link umbrella. Lew has been part of the Elink team for over 10 years and has completed 10 Ironman as well as numerous short and long course races. He has learnt allot during this time and as worked hard to be the best he can be. He is succeeding in the sport by listening to his body, training smart and by working incredible hard on any weaknesses. Lew is currently in the final term of certificate 1V in massage therapy and during business hours he works as a Systems Architect in the Banking and Financial sector. 

We feel Lew has a great deal to offer any athlete who is coached by him. Lew is currently working with Derek Mulhearn, a talented young athlete who has been a competitive National level race walker and State Cross country runner. He represented Australia as an under 23 and placed 7th in open men’s 20km race walk. Derek’s goals are to be the best he can be racing the 70.3 and Ironman distance. Port Macquarie Ironman will be his debut and we welcome Derek also to the Energy Link team. Lew is also coaching Steffi Breidenbach who has returned to the sport after a break and is looking fit and strong under Lew’s guidance. Welcome Steffi. You are both in great hands with Lew.

Welcome Lew!

Athlete results:

 Rob Woods racing!
 Great technique Rob!
 What a run..

Geelong 70.3:           
Mary Falco                         4:56:43            29:30/2:42/1:39
Joe Falco                            5:09:59            32:24/2:47/1:44

Speights Coast to Coast: Worlds most premier multi=sport event. South Island NZ:
Congratulations to Rob Woods who competed in the 2 day individual event. Rob finished in an impressive time of 15hrs 23mins.

Day 1: run 3km 13:08, bike 55km 1:43, mountain run 5:24.
Day 2: bike 15km 31:43, kayak 67km 5:31. Bike 70km 1:58

He finished the grueling event and enjoyed New Zealand’s finest beers – Speights!

Husky Long Course:

NAME (#)






Owain MATTHEWS (959)


 30-34 (1)




Nicole WARD (42)


 Open (5)




Bern WARD (361)


 40-44 (13)




Eamonn JOYCE (1245)


 25-29 (8)




Andrew THOMAS (150)


 45-49 (6)




Joe SPRANGE (1010)


 30-34 (36)




Shannon CODD (406)


 35-39 (48)




Llewellyn HARTLEY (245)


 40-44 (70)




Wes MARSHALL (956)


 30-34 (91)




Louise HARVEY (767)


 35-39 (17)




David LEY (483)


 35-39 (106)




Laurent GIANNESINI (92)


 45-49 (52)




Kath WILKINSON (835)


 35-39 (29)




Trent SALKAVICH (1001)


 30-34 (132)




Stephen EDWARDS (86)


 45-49 (62)




Mike GLEESON (237)


 40-44 (153)




Graeme COLES (667)


 55-59 (11)




James GREET (98)


 45-49 (77)




Dean WILSON (1189)


 50-54 (49)




Nick BLACK (1195)







Sprint race:


Nigel PLAYLE (296)


 35-39 (6)




Peter MUSCAT (476)


 25-29 (13)





Geelong and Devonport – National Series events:
Gillian Akers:                         2:52 (2nd place)             28:24/1:18/1:00             (Geelong)
Unfortunately, Gillian had to pull our out of the race for the first time due to the traumatic swim.

New Zealand Ironman:  Congratulations to Ron and beryl Wilson who both has great races to qualify to race at the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Beryl won her age group and Ron came 2nd . Jan Smeaton also had an impressive race to come 5th in her age group. What a success – well done guys!

Beryl Wilson:                        13:19:48            1:03/7:00/5:04
Ron Wilson:                         11:56:09            1:02/6:04/4:39
Jan Smeaton:                        11:58:49            1:04/6:19/4:23           

Upcoming events:

Wollongong OD:

Good luck to Gillian Akers, Mark Norman, Campbell Vigden and Peter Muscat (sprint) who are all racing in Wollongong this weekend!

Melbourne Ironman/ Ironman South Africa
Best of luck to Shannon Codd, Neil Culkin, Steve Edwards Vince Lauwerier, and David Stewart who are racing Melbourne Ironman on the 24th March and to Kevin Mutlow who is racing Ironman South Africa on the 14th April.

Ironman Preparation weekend Sat 30th and Sunday 31st March:

This weekend is two days of specific training and preparation for Ironman. It is a chance to get your race equipment together with your race kit and do some Ironman simulation training. It is also an excellent opportunity for you to test your nutrition and hydration plan. The weekend will consist of a bike/run brick session on the Saturday morning followed by an open water swim at Balmoral in the afternoon. Sunday will be an endurance ride in groups.

We realise that these dates clash with Easter however, we feel that is it an effective time for athletes racing in Port IM and due to the holiday break it will offer a great opportunity for extra recovery between and after sessions. This prep weekend will also be worthwhile for any athletes who are racing Cairns in June.

Details are: 
Saturday 30th March: 
6:30am meet at cnr Yulong Ave and McCarr's Ck Rd Terry Hills

2:45pm meet at the southern end of Balmoral Beach in front of the baths area. Bring swim gear and wetsuit.
Sunday 31st March:
6:30am meet at Pacific Highway, Hornsby in front of Hornsby Park (where the pool used to be) and opposite the Court house and police station.

Please confirm via email if you have not already done so and free to contact us with any questions. 

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