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Energy Link Coaching update - Aug 2014

Hi Team, here is our coaching update for August … you are all just weeks away from warmer weather so stay focused and you will soon reap the benefits of your hard work and commitment throughout winter. We hope to catch up with you soon ...

Energy Link athletes racing – please let us know what you are planning!

  • 1st September  - Triathlon World Championships, Edmonton: Stephen Durant
  • 14th September - Sunshine Coast 70.3:  Brad Spencer, Alexia Ford, Del Madge
  • 21st September - Long Course World Championships, China: Victoria Symes 
  • 12th October  - Ironman World Championships: Beryl Wilson.
  • 19th October - Port Macquarie 70.3:  Alexia Ford, Adam Wilson, Nicholas OSullivan, Derek Mulhearn.
  • 2nd November - Noosa Triathlon: Del Madge, Bill Halmerick, Joey Sprange, Rachel Hadfield.
  • 9th November - Forster Triathlon: Coach Waino, Victoria Symes, Adam Wilson, Ben Browne, Kelly Atkin, Alexia Ford.
  • 30th November - Western Sydney 70.3: Adam Wilson, Johnson Yuen, Bill Halmerick, Jack McPhee.
  • 7th December - Ironman Western Australia: Coach Waino, Petar Peric, Victoria Symes, Alexia Ford, Del Madge, and Nicholas O’Sullivan
  • 9th February - Geelong 70.3:
  • 23rd February – Huskisson weekend: Coach Lew Hartley, Steve Edwards. Diane Bell, Ben Browne, Kelly Atkin, Derek Mulhearn.
  • 22nd March - Ironman Melbourne: Del Madge, Steve Edwards, Rommel Faro.
  • Kurnell Series: Nigel Playle, Jack and Emily McPhee.
  • 3rd May 2015 – Port Macquarie Ironman: Coach Lew Hartley, Ben Browne, Kelly Atkin, Derek Mulhearn, Jack McPhee, Emily McPhee.
  • 30th May 2015 – Kona 70.3: Di Bell

Team update:
Stephen Durant – Triutah Jordanelle Triathlon: Congratulations to Stephen Durant who placed 1st in his age group and 6th overall while racing in Utah last weekend. Stephen is a great example of the success that comes from winter training commitment and hard work. Stephen has used this race as part of his preparation for the upcoming ITU World Championships.

World Long Course Championships: Victoria Symes (LC)  You have are been preparing well and race day is getting closer. Keep your eyes focused on staying strong to the finish and enjoying racing in the green and gold – we are proud of you!

Jindabyne Training Camp 2015:

The 2015 camp is going to be a ripper camp so make sure you don’t miss out on this awesome week of training with our highly experienced coaching team. Jindy camp provides an excellent opportunity to build your triathlon base and develop strength. You will be challenged each day and you will be given the opportunity to learn about many areas of triathlon.

More details can be found here: http://www.energylink.com.au/training-camps/index.shtml . We have limited places. 

We hope you can join us for this awesome training camp.

Coaches update:

Swim technique: We have just completed 4 successful weeks of swim technique sessions at Macquarie university Aquatic Centre. Well done to everyone who participated and keep up the hard work on your stroke every time you swim.                                                                                                                                                                          

We would like to say a HUGE thank you to Coach Lew Hartley who joined us on the pool deck each week providing valuable feedback and analysis.

Level 2 recreational running course: Chris recently attended this running course to learn and be reminded of the many aspects of coaching runners and run sessions. Within the course we covered training sessions, coaching, programming and planning for athletes running anything from 5km to a marathon. The very talented and knowledgeable Commonwealth Games marathoner Scott Westcott facilitated the course.  In summary, here are my thoughts on what our team might be able to learn from. 

  • Small changes to your run style or technique can make a big impact to strength, injury prevention and speed.
  • Running is a simple sport and is why it is so popular. Triathletes are good at complicating things that don’t need to be complicated. Keep it simple.
  • The training feel is crucial: Not one runner or coach including Scott Westcott (pb’s 2:11:36 marathon, 1:03:03 half mara, 10km road 29:26)  used any gadgets as training tools.
  • Running just 30sec harder than you should at the start of a run event, including a marathon can often result in a much slower 2nd half.
  • Athletes need to take control of their own destiny – be your own coach on race day.
  • If you have issues visiting the toilet (no# 1’s) while racing try hydrating with water as normal prior to your event but stop all water consumption 60mins prior to the start and go to the toilet as needed then have 200m (can be less or more and should be trialed) 5mins before start – this way the fluids don’t get the chance to make way to the bladder.
  • Realistic event goals are very important.

Individual running technique coaching: 

Learn how to avoid injury, enjoy running more efficiently and greatly improve performance with an individual running technique assessment. The session will include video, technique evaluation, correction techniques/drills and before and after comparisons. This coaching service will involve meeting with the coach for 1 hour at a suitable and convenient location. Coaching Fee: $60 Current energy Link athletes $90:00 non Energy Link. Includes up to 1hour hands on coaching and video review and feedback. Please note that we can also off this service to a small group (fee can be confirmed and based on numbers)

Please contact Coaches Bruce, Chris, Lew or Waino if you feel this might help you.

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