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Coaching Update January 2014

Happy New Year! We hope that 2014 is off to a great start and that you are getting faster and stronger! 

Below a list of upcoming events that Energy Link Team athletes are racing - a variety of events as you can see! We have also included details on the upcoming Ironman Training weekends and a story written by Energy Link Coach Lew Hartley including his journey through 10 Ironman events - we can all take away something positive from this story. Lew has also researched and discussed the idea of Triathletes and Range of Motion and Energy Link athlete Owain (Waino) Matthews has written a story for his personal blog about the 2014 Jindy Camp and you can read these below as well. 

We are also putting in an order for Energy Link branded gear so please let us know if you would like to order any of the new look gear.

Enjoy your training,
Bruce and Chris

Energy Link Team racing in the New Year:

•               Goondiwindi Long course - 2nd Feb (Hell of the West): Victoria Symes.

•               Huskisson Long Course – 23rd Feb: Di Bell, Nick Black, Steffi Briedenbach, Simon Eggleton, Mark Fiore, Andrew Grover, Hannah                              Donaldson, Mike Gleeson, Lew Hartley, Chris Hislop, Eamonn Joyce, Owain Matthews, Dan McGuigan, Derek Mulhearn, Ryan Norman,                    Nic Pantelic, Nigel Playel, David Stewart, Kath Wilkinson, Dean Wilson,

•               Ironman New Zealand – 2nd March: Jan Smeaton, Ron and Beryl Wilson, Stuart Borwick.

•               Challenge Bateman’s Bay - 16th May: Victoria Symes, Martin Lord.

•               Melbourne Ironman - 23rd March: Tim Berkman, Steve Edwards, Shannon Codd, Neil Culkin, Nic Black,  Caroline Joy,                                              Antony Karpin, Petar Peric, Nic Pantelic, Brad Spencer, Duncan Tebb.

•               Ironman South Africa - 6th April: Kevin Mutlow.

•               Boston Marathon – 21st April: Mark Norman.

•               Port Macquarie Ironman – 4th May: Kath Wilkinson, Lew Hartley, David Stewart, Dean Wilson, Mary Falco, Joe Falco, Chris Hislop, Derek                  Mulhearn, Ryan Norman, Martin Lord, Ron Wilson, Beryl Wilson, Owain Matthews, Tim Berkman, Nic Pantelic Andrew Grover, Nick Black,                  Mike Gleeson.

•               Ride West - 4th May: Brisbane to Longreach Charity Ride: Mark Zaglas.

•               National Series Events: Gillian Akers (Kingscliff, ACT & Wollongong), Stephen Durant (Moreton Bay, ACT & Davenport) Mark Norman                        (ACT and Wollongong)

•               NSW Sprint Series: Victoria Symes, James Duffy,

•               Cairns 70.3 - 8th June:  Hannah Donaldson, Di Bell, Scott Walling, Paul Shelbourne, Nigel Playel.

Energy Link Coaching - Ironman Preparation weekends: 

We are planning to do two Ironman training weekends for those racing Melbourne, South Africa and Port Macquarie Ironman events. (If you are racing another endurance event and you feel this weekend will help you prepare please talk to us as you are welcome to join in and benefit!) This is a great opportunity to trial your race plans for pacing and nutrition, trial race gear and equipment and to develop your mental strategies. Details are:

Melbourne/ South Africa athletes: Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th February. The training will involve a longer brick at IM race pace on                     Saturday (probably on the M7), an open water swim in the afternoon (Balmoral Beach) and then a longer ride on the Sunday. Bruce will                 be sending firm details out this week.

Port Macquarie athletes: Saturday 29th March and Sunday 30th March. The training will involve a longer brick at IM race pace from West               Head/ Terrey Hills. We will then meet in the afternoon for an open water swim (Balmoral Beach). Sunday will be a longer ride.

Energy Link Coaching - Jindabyne Training Camp 2014:
With hundreds of km’s ahead for the week, the challenge was set for this remarkable group of athletes and coaches to survive not only the demands of training, but a week of communal living, 2 Ashes tests, Facebook uploading, Zooper Dooper eating marathons and daily compression gear parades.


10 Times the Distance by Energy Link Coach Lew Hartley:
If I stood here today and said that I remember every moment of these ten events, I’d be lying. If I stood here today and say I remember only the good things, I’d be lying. What I can say is that what I do remember is moments of inspiration, from pain and success, and this is what this story is about.


Lets Talk Triathlon and Range of Motion by Coach Lew Hartley:
No, the intent is not to go into the age old “to stretch or not to stretch” debate. I put that subject in the “Believe what you want” category – “Some will believe, Some won’t, some will prove and some will disprove it”.  What I do wish to do is to discuss some articles I’ve read and I would like to hear your thoughts on these matters.


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