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Energy Link Coaching update - December 2015

From the Energy Link Coaching family, we would like to wish you and your family and friends a very HAPPY CHRISTMAS. We hope that 2016 brings good health and many, many happy memories. 

Thank you for your friendship, support and for the commitment you give to the Energy Link training philosophy every day. Congratulations everyone ... It has been great to witness the achievements and success from our team in 2015 and we are really looking forward to more great results in 2016.

A huge thank you to super coaches Lew and Waino for being so outstanding at everything they do and for the commitment they have given the whole Energy Link team. We truly value their friendship, time, knowledge and support.

Welcome new Energy Link team members:

A very friendly welcome to our new team members: Nikki Deery who had planned to race Melbourne IM and due to its cancellation will now be racing New Zealand Ironman and Northface 100. Ali O’Toole who’s preparation for Husky LC is on track after consistent training and a great race in Callala, Sally Broom who will be preparing to have a great race in Wollongong Triathlon and then Challenge Bateman’s Bay under the watchful eye of Coach Waino. Cam Dinnie will also be working with Waino and has some great racing ahead for sure at Husky LC, Challenge Batemans Bay and the Sunny Coast World 70.3 Championships next year. Welcome to the talented Jonathan Gormley who will be training for Husky LC and then Port Mac 70.3.  Paul Burgess will be training hard towards Scody 3 Peaks Challenge and aiming for a great race at Cairns Ironman. It is great to have Singapore athlete Steven Croft on board as he prepares for an Ironman Triathlon mid 2016. Also Andrew Thurlow had started some formal training with us after his debut at Noosa in November.

Energy Link event results:  
There have been fantastic results all round from Energy Link athletes and plenty more races to come!

Hills Sprint Race 3 – Sat 12/12/2015

Mimi Smith 1:34:15
Dugald Spenceley 1:07:03

Port mac 70.3:

Annabel A  5:56:29 & 10th AG

We love this fantastic finishers shot from Annabel in Port Mac and bike shot from Pip racing in Noosa!

Noosa OD Triathlon

Cassie Price-McCoy 2:34:48 & 10th AG
Pip Livingstone 2:35:5 & 7th In AG
Del Madge 2:40:47 
Mimi Smith 3:17:37
Anabelle Arnheim 2:46:07
Rachel Hadfield: 2:47:51 & 7th in AG

Challenge Forster 

Turia Pitt 6:29:51 (4th F25-29)
Anthony Bock 5:58:34
Ben Browne 4:53:34 (PB) (9th M35-39)

Forster Sprint:

Coach lew 1:18:33

Austin Texas 70.3 8/11: 

Scott Farquhar 5:47:08 (Debut Triathlon!!)

 Pip Livinstone racing hard in Noosa

Wyong OD

Bel F - 1st AG sprint

WA Club Champs (750/20/5)

Prue Butler        1:07 (2nd AG – 8th female overall)
Tom Beckerling  1:10 (11th in AG)

SunSmart Triathlon Series Race 1 Persuit – Hillarys

Prue Butler 1:10:42 (3rd F25-29)

Husky Tri  22/11

Mel C - 2:59:24 (12th AG first Olympic distance)
Bel F - 1:22:43 (1st AG sprint) 
Chris McL - 1:28:40 (7th AG sprint)
Murray R - 1:05:55 (2nd AG sprint)
Dugald S - 2:19:31 (4th AG OD)
Mimi Smith 3:18 (4th AG OD)

Western Sydney 70.3 29/11

Ron Wilson 6:37:37 & 3rd AG
Beryl Wilson 5:28:24 & 2nd AG
Cam D 4:21:25 & 6th AG & World 70.3 qualifying spot
Julia Cook 5:03:30 & 5th AG 
Lauren Bourke   5:36 (PB – In spite of the flat!)
Justin Martin     5:39 (First timer)
Derek Mulhearn 4:21 & 5th in Age group
Yury Suturin       5:46 & First timer
Cassie  5:17:29 & 14th AG 
hannon Codd  5:01:39
Eamonn Joyce 5:04:14

Bribie Island Triathlon 20/11

Del Madge 1:57:27 & 3rd AG

WA Ironman:

David Stewart 12:24:29

Callala Tri Festival

Kieran R 3:37:54 & 4th AG Classic Distance

Alison O’Toole 2:10:37 & 2nd AG Club distance
Murray R- 1:36:46 & 1st AG Club Distance
Chris McLiver  2:13:12 & 2nd AG Club Distance

Bel F 1:21:27 1st AG Sprint 
ally B 1:49:37 & 7th AG Sprint

Sydney Tri Series (Kurnel sprint) race 1:

Victoria Symes 1:45:38 & 5th AG
David Fell 1:18:53 & 5th AG

Ballarat 70.3 – Sun 13/12/2015

Kelly Atkin 5:42

Taupo 70.3 

Andrea 5:09:51 9th AG (World Champs qualifying spot)
Del Madge 5:43:12 11th AG

Team racing:  

We are looking forward to some more great racing in 2016!

January 31st BTC Race:             Mel C, Sally B, Keiran R, Coach Waino, Sarah J, Bel F
Cole Classic + sun run:            Sally B
February 7th Geelong 70.3:      Coach Lew , Del M, Paul Shelbourn
February 21st Husky sprint:      Joe Sprange, Bel F, Chris McLiver 
February 21st Husky long course:   Julia C, Alison O'Toole Kieran R, Sarah J, Andrea P, Cam D, Mel C, Coach Waino, Cassie P, Eamonn J, Steve Edwards, Jonathan Gormley

March 6th Tweed Enduro:           Joe Sprange
March 6th NZ Ironman:                Ron and Beryl Wilson, Richard Walker, Nikki Deery
March 6th Wollongong OD:          Dugald S, Bel F, Sally B
March 16 Scody 3 Peaks Challenge:   Paul Burgess

April 10th Ironman South Africa:   Coach Lew 
April 10th Club Championships:     Joe S

April 10th Challenge Batemans Bay:   Cam Dinnie.
May 1sy Busso 70.3:                          Kieran R, Sarah J
May 1st Port Mac Ironman:                 Joe S, Ron and Beryl Wilson, Turia Pitt, Eamonn J
May 1st Port Mac 70.3:                      Coach Waino, Jonathan G
May 5th Northface 100:                     Nikki Deery
May 21st Port Stephens OD:               Bel F, Chris McLiver
June 4th Hawaii 70.3                          Victoria Symes

June 12th Cairns 70.3:                        Coach Lew Hartley, 
June 12th Cairns IM:                            Paul Burgess,  Paul Shelbourn
Kurnell series:                                     Victoria Symes, Joe Spange, David Fell

Hills duathlon Series:                         Bel Fong, Dugald Spenceley, Karen Tallis, Glen, Jack and Em McPhee.
BTC events:                                        Bel Fong, Victoria Symes, Pip Livingstone.
July 17th Challenge Roth:                    Chris McLiver
Ironman World Championships, Kona 2016:     Coach Lew Hartley!
eptember 4th 2016: Sunny Coast 70.3 Worlds   Coach Waino, Cam D, Andrea P

Happy Christmas and happy training everyone,

Bruce, Chris, Lew and Waino

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