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Energy Link Coaching update - July 2014


Coaching Team going from strength to strength:

We are super excited to introduce Owain Matthews to the Energy Link Coaching Team. Waino has been training with Energy Link under Bruce’s watchful eye for a couple of years and will be combining his experience and success as an athlete with the passion and knowledge he has in area of sports science. We have no doubt that Waino will add incredible value and strength to the energy Link Team.

Waino is currently preparing for a personal best at Busselton Ironman this year after finishing Australian Ironman in 9:12:11 (2:58 marathon). He is currently coaching a run group with CanToo and will and be coaching sessions for Energy Link and Balmoral Triathlon Club as well as coaching and mentoring his own team of athletes.

Welcome to the Coaching Team, Waino – we feel very privileged to be collaborating with you!

Here is a little more detail about Waino and his achievements and experience:




Coach Lew update:

As many of you know, we also introduced long time Energy Link athlete and friend Lew Hartley to our coaching team last year. Lew lead his own team of athletes to great success throughout the 2013/14 season and has recently been working with individual athletes developing bike skills as well working on individual swim and bike technique.

Lew also runs a weekly BTC spin session at Balmoral – The winter power festival! Using the CTS field test to establish baseline power/hear rate/RPE zones and to measure ongoing progress, Lew is working through an 8-week progressive build program to develop strength.

Did you know …

Our coaching team can provide individual help with technique and skills including drills and video analysis. Please feel free to contact us anytime if you feel you might benefit from these sessions.


Swim Technique begins this Saturday:

We have a group of around 15 Energy Link team members joining us for a 4-week block working on swim technique at Macquarie Uni Aquatic Centre. We have found swim technique training to be popular and will be planning another block soon. If you think you would benefit from these sessions please let us know and we will make sure to send further details as they come.


Energy Link athletes racing – let us know what you are planning!

Triathlon World Championships: Sept: Victoria Symes (LC), Stephen Durant (OD), Joe Westhuizen (LC) 
Western Sydney 70.3: Adam Wilson, Johnson Yuen.
unshine Coast 70.3:  14th Sept:  Brad Spencer, Alexia Ford, Del Madge
Port Macquarie 70.3:  19th Oct: Alexia Ford, Adam Wilson,
Noosa Triathlon 2nd Nov: Del Madge
Forster Triathlon 9th Nov:  Victoria Symes, Adam Wilson, 
Ironman Western Australia 7th Dec: Owain Matthews, Petar Peric, Victoria Symes, Alexia Ford, Del Madge
Ironman Melbourne: Brad Spencer, Del Madge.



Energy Link mentoring juniors:

This year we have had the pleasure of mentoring a local junior athlete who hopes to compete in triathlons for the first time this coming season. Leena and our middle daughter Carley have been working hard each weekend on their bike skills – weaving in and out of cones, one handed skills, rpm skills, scooting, balance and mount/dismount skills – it has been a lot of fun (even the stacks!). Both girls are competitive runners and can swim well. Leena has a solid track and swim background and has taken to the bike like a duck to water. We will keep you posted on their progress in this great sport! 


We would like to say a very big thank you to Hannah Donaldson who has kindly donated her first ever road bike to Energy Link for us to use to support juniors we are supporting.  We have no doubt that Hannah’s spirit and kindness will inspire many future junior athletes


Energy Link Coaching education: Running – Physics VS Feel by Owain Matthews:

Running – Physics VS Feel part 1: http://owainmatthews.com/2014/06/17/running-physics-vs-feel-part-1/

Running – Physics VS Feel part 2: http://owainmatthews.com/2014/07/01/running-physics-vs-feel-part-2/

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