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Energy Link Coaching update - May 2016

Hi Team!

We hope this coaching update finds you well. As you will see below in the results, our team have been working hard and achieving great things. Well done to the Energy Link Team on achieving many podium finishes, personal bests and individual goals and congratulations to our coaches who are passionate about seeing our athletes realise their potential in triathlon.

The official end to the season has come and we are getting ready for the all important winter training as this is the period whereby the magic can happen! There are many benefits to effective winter training and it is a period that can be wasted if you are not planning to hone in on your weak areas and get specific. Don’t get into the habit of doing what you have always done, there are so many variations to winter training, maybe you need to develop sessions or scenarios that have worked previously or you may need to change things completely. Talk to your coach about devising a winter plan that will help set you up for your best race season. 

Winter Training benefits:
•              Develop specific strength to improve efficiency and help prevent injury.
•              Develop power & strength - that in turn leads to improved speed.
•              Improve aerobic endurance.
•              Improve technique/ skill - slow pace down and focus on technique.

Upcoming group winter group sessions for Energy Link: 

Bike - Bobbin Head strength endurance hills: This Saturday 28th May & 4th June. Bruce will be out at this session - strength work with others is way more fun!
Swim technique:  Saturday 18th June, Saturday 2nd July, Saturday 16th July. Saturday afternoon with time TBC. This will be a coached sessions that will focus on swim technique for 60mins, group will be kept small to provide individual feedback. Numbers are limited $15 to coach plus $5.50 pool entry.
Bike - Brooklyn strength endurance hills:  Saturday's 9th, 16th, 23rd July. A group session with Energy Link coach or coaches taking part. We have chosen Brooklyn hill as it is the perfect hill for strength work with a good mix of terrain, great road surface and plenty of room away from traffic. 
AT sessions:  30th July & 20th August. Swim, WT bike and run bricks at Macquarie Uni Aquatic and surrounds. Perfect for Wold Championships athletes and those with upcoming events. Coaches will be running this session and there will be a small fee for room hire and entry to pool.

We would love to see you at these sessions - group training is a great way to work hard with way less mental fatigue. Please email Chris if you are keen to come along so we have an idea of numbers coaching@energylink.com.au

Cairns 70.3 and Ironman pre-race sessions with Coach Lew: 
We have 11 Energy Link team members heading up to race Cairns Ironman and 70.3 and Coach Lew would love to meet up with anyone who would like to do their Saturday pre-race training sessions as a group. Lew will meet you near the expo on the Esplanade in Cairns on Saturday morning. We will send details around leading up to the event.

July informal training weekend - ride up to Hunter Valley Sat and compete in one of the winery run events on Sunday:
The winery run on the 24th of July 2016 with a 2km, 5.2km 10.3km, 21.1km, Marathon or 52.5 Ultra options. It will be held at the Hunter Valley Gardens Village in Pokolbin, Hunter Valley, NSW, Australia. http://huntervalleymarathon.net/

For those interested to join the Saturday ride up the plan is to leave from Hornsby at 7am and cycle to the Hunter. We can determine ride groups based on the interest. Riders need to make sure that they have spares/food/hydration/money/phone etc to allow them to complete the ride without requiring outside support. Individuals will organise their own race entry and accommodation. 
* Please let either Lew or Chris know if you are keen to join in on this great training opportunity.

Welcome to the Energy Link team!
A big welcome to our newest team members! Ben Basso joined the team earlier in the year and is training hard towards a popular race for the Energy Link team, the Cairns 70.3, Kat Marik has also been preparing for Cairns although she will be doubling the distance to race her first Ironman. Kat has a solid running background and is working hard on the swim bike disciplines  Chris Cochinos has joined the team to prepare for Busselton Ironman in December and Gabby Mastroianni is working towards improved fitness and strength in each discipline after having a bad bike accident that took her out of the sport for some time. It has been awesome to see Gabby enjoy getting back into things and we congratulate her on qualifying for the World Aquathon Champs later in the year. A big welcome also to Ben Piscitello who is working on general conditioning in preparation for racing - Ben lives in Italy and will be coming to train in Sydney.

Level 2 Coaching course:
Waino is heading to the AIS in June to study for his Level 2 - performance coaching accreditation. We have no doubt this will be a great 8 days for Waino and look forward to hearing more. 

Energy Link trucker hats:
Waino has done a fantastic job organising some trucker hats for the Energy Link Team! We would love to see everyone enjoying these cool hats so let Waino or any of the coaches know you would like one and we will get it to you. $25 each and well worth it! Thank you Waino!

Energy Link athlete results:

NZ Ironman: 
Richard Walker                      58:00 6:09 4:32  - 11:48:59
Nikki Deery 25th AG              1:00: 6:34 4:35  - 12:27:39
Beryl Wilson 2nd AG              1:08: 8:02: 5:34  - 15:01:36

Wollongong OD:
Waino                                    2:01:23 M30-34 (2nd) 
Derek Mulhearn                     1:59:44 – M25-29 (4th) – PB
Dugald Spenceley                   2:20:34  M 40-44 (15th)
Nicola Hutchinson                 2:21:45 F 45-49 (2nd)
Lauren Bourke                       2:27:36 – F25-29 (9th) – PB
Alex Wynne                            2:35:54
Kelly Atkin                             2:39:40 – F35-39 (8th) - PB
arah Johns                             2:56.09
ally Broom                             3:02.31
Mimi Smith                             3:19:06

Canberra Tri Series sprint:             Frank Pearce    1:51:40 – M70+ (2nd)

3 Peaks challenge:  Paul Burgess  12:03:25

 Karri Valley Triathlon:    Prue Butler      3:15:41 – F25-29 (3rd) – PB

Ironman South Africa:   Lew Hartley: 1:06 5:55 5:58 -  13:09:11

NSW Club Championships:

Coach Waino                       1:35:43  2nd AG
Jack McPhee                        1:39:53  3rd AG
Chris Hislop                        1:48:00
Dugald Spenceley                1:48:34
Nic Hutchinson                    1:51:44  1st AG
Jules Cook                           1:52:12  1st AG
Bobby Smale                        1:54:54 4th AG
Lauren Bourke                      1:58:18 5th AG
David Fell                             1:58:44 
Andrea Pember                     2:02:22  7th AG
Kelly Atkin                            2:03:57 
Coach Lew                           2:05:15
Glen McPhee                        2:06:00
Ingrid McPhee                      2:09:58 7th AG
teffi Breidenbach                  2:10:57
Mell Coles                            2:16:36
Em McPhee                           2:23:57
arah Johns                            2:29:39
Mimi Smith                           2:43:35
Victoria Symmes                  2:58:25
Frank Pearce                        3:06:06  4th AG

Canberra Ultra Marathon (50k): Duncan Tebb 4:13:14

Ironman Port 70.3:  
Jack McPhee                         4:29:35  6th AG
Chris Hislop                          4:59.20 (punctured)
Dugald Spenceley                 5:02:19
Mel Coles                             6:28:23
Emily McPhee                       6:51:45  9th AG

Ironman Port:
Ben Browne                          1:09:12  5:35:13  3:47:51   10:36:06  PB
Eamonn Joyce                       1:01:22  5:47:01  3:48:02   10:42:15
Joe Sprange                         1:03:25  6:05:23  4:01:18    11:21:06  (3 punctures)
Duncan Tebb                        1:05:21  6:27:18  3:54:36   11:38:56
Bobby Smale                        1:05:22  6:07:14  5:01:17    12:29:07  11th AG
Turia Pitt                              1:16:07   7:13:46   4:43:03  13:24:42  15th AG

Busso 70.3
Keiran Ramsay                     4:40.46 PB
Prue Butler                           4:42:50 (10th AG) 6min PB!
Tom Beckerling                    5:01:57
Justin Martin                        5:23:02
arah Johns                            5:47.01 PB

Prue & Tom proudly supporting Energy Link in Perth by making EL signs!

Nowra Olympic
Cam Dinnie                       2:01.35 (2nd AG, 4th overall)
Dugald Spenceley              2:14:14
ally Broom                         2:56.00 (4th AG)

Port Stephens Olympic:                     
Julia Cook                           2:27:56 (1st place outright!!)
Cam Dinnie                         2:11:49 (2nd AG and 7th Outright!)
David Fell                            2:42:49 (6th AG) 
Chris McLiver                       2:55:52 (2nd AG)
Mimi Smith                          3:22:36 (4th AG)

Port Stephens sprint:
Bel Fong                             1:20:47 (5th AG)

Upcoming events:  Please remember to send us your race stories and happy snaps - we love receiving them : )
Hawaii 70.3 June 4th    Victoria Symes

IM Cairns 12th June : Paul Burgess, Paul Shelbourne, Kat Marik, Chris Hislop
Cairns 70.3: Coach Lew, Julia cook, Dean Wilson, Steffi Breidenbach, Ben Basso, Lauren Bourke and Derek Mulhearn
Challenge Roth 17th July:Steve Croft, Chris McLiver
Ultra 520 31st July: Duncan Tebb
70.3 World Champs 4th Sep: Coach Waino, Derek Mulhearn, Cam Dinnie, Andrea Pember, Hannah Donaldson
ITU World OD Champs 18th Sep: Nicola Hutchinson, Frank Pearce, Lauren Bourke
Ironman World Champs KONA: Coach Lew Hartley
Noosa Triathlon 30th Oct: Nicola Hutchinson
Hills duathlon Series: Bel Fong, Dugald Spenceley, Karen Tallis, Glen, Jack and Em McPhee, Frank
Forster LC, 16th Oct 2016: Mimi Smith, Kelly Atkin 
Ironman WA, 4th Dec 2016: Kelly Atkin, Chris Cochinos, Steve Edwards (team SNAP)

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