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Energy Link Coaching update - November 2014

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Congratulations Dani and Coach Waino!  

We are very excited that Waino and Dani have announced they are expecting their first baby in May 2015. Dani is feeling good and the pregnancy is going along nicely. We are really looking forward to witnessing the amazing path these two amazing people will take to parenthood and to meeting little baby Matthews.

Coaches update: 

Run technique: 
Waino is heading up a run technique coaching series that was kicked off last week. Session 1 of a 3 part series highlighted the goals of efficient running. Working on posture, hip lead/lean and muscle recruitment. If you think you could benefit from some run technique coaching please let us know. Here is Waino’s latest article:  The running movement primarily occurs in one direction or plane of motion. Yet, have you ever finished a run session and experienced sore adductors (muscles on the inside of your thigh)? http://owainmatthews.com/2014/10/24/runners-are-you-thinking-laterally/ 

Waino is heading over to WA to Busso for Ironman this week. He has been training and racing really well and is set to have a solid race. We will be cheering loud back here for Waino and the team! 

Australian Ironman Preparation weekend:
We will be having our training weekend for those preparing for Port Macquarie Ironman on Sat 22nd and Sun 23rd March 2015. More details will come.

 Jindabyne Training Camp:
We are looking forward to heading down to Jindy for our yearly Summer Camp from 3rd – 10th Jan 2015. We have a full house and a great bunch of athletes ready to enjoy the daily swim, bike, run sessions.

Triathlete /Masters Camp Details: Saturday 13th December (9am - 3pm TBC)

Cost = $200 (Only Freestyle will be covered for Tri/Masters Day Camp) Venue for both camps: Loretto Normanhurst. Who will be running/attending the camp: Swimming Technology Research Founder and Director Dr Rod Havriluk will be traveling over from America to run his highly successful camp structure in Sydney. Information about Dr Havriluk and his program can be found: http://www.swimmingtechnology.com/  Australian Institute of Sport Swimming Biomechanists will be on deck every day assisting Dr Havriluk. Australian Institute of Sport and New South Wales Institute of Sport scientists, nutritionists, strength and conditioning coaches and sport psychologists will provide guest presentations to the swimmers after lunch.
Why is this camp different to other swimming camps: Dr Havriluk not only provides swimmers with another view on technical skills and drills, but he also highlights how the principles of physics assist swimmers in generating propulsion. Dr Havriluk will be bringing along his force analysis system 'Aquanex' and capturing force data and video footage on all swimmers who sign up. Swimmers will have access to their own data as well as receive feedback on technique cues that they need to work on in order to generate more power whilst swimming. A still image example of Aquanex is attached.

 Coaches and parents are also more than welcome to sit in on all activities throughout the week. If you would like any further information or would like to express interest in participating, please email myself gina.sacilotto@ausport.gov.au

Team Results:

Port Macquarie 70.3: Well-done Derek Mulhearn who raced Port - Derek is enjoying getting back into training after beginning a new job in the country (9th in 5:13)

Noosa Triathlon: Great racing from Joe Sprange 2:19 and to Rachel Hadfield who raced her first OD event in Noosa 2:46. Joe Sprange 2:19

Challenge Forster: Great results from our team in racing in Forster. Conditions were close to perfect for racing and it was awesome to see everyone competing. Big congratulations to waino (Coach Owain Matthew) on his impressive 9th pace overall and age group champion! Owain Matthews 1st (9th overall) 4:03, Alexia Ford 2nd in 4:50, James Nickless 4:43, Coach Lew Hartley 4:59, Ben Browne 5:06,  David Stewart: 5:32, Kelly Atkin 5:44, Deano Wilson 5:45.


Western Sydney 70.3: It was a hot race out at Penrith yesterday for those racing Western Sydney. Well done to our team.  Bruce Tomlinson 4:59,  Bill Halmarick 5:05, Jack McPhee  (18-24) 5:08 (Coach Lew), Marie Lambrechts 5:49 (Coach Waino) and Johnson Yuen 7:05 (Coach Lew)

Upcoming events:

 7th December - Ironman Western Australia: Coach Waino, Petar Peric, Alexia Ford, Del Madge, and Nicholas O’Sullivan.
 14th December - Taupo HIM: Jan Smeaton.
 11th January - Tauranga HIM: Jan Smeaton.
 18th Jan – Auckland 70:3: Bruce Tomlinson.
 8th Feb – Orange OD tri: John Mahoney.
 22nd February - Tokyo Marathon: Nico Roth.
 23rd February – Huskisson weekend: Coach Lew Hartley, Lew Hartley (team), Steve Edwards. Diane Bell, Ben Browne, Kelly Atkin, Derek Mulhearn, Deano Wilson, Di Bell, Mike Gleeson, David Stewart, Bruce Tomlinson. Bel Fong (sprint)
 8th March – NZ Ironman: Ron & Beryl Wilson.
 8th March – Wollongong Tri: Murray Robertson, Stephen Durant & Bel Fong.
 15th March – Canberra OD tri: Stephen Durant & Murray Robertson.
 15th March – 6 foot track: Brad Sutton.
 22nd March - Ironman Melbourne: Del Madge, Steve Edwards, Brad Spencer, Rommel Faro, Nathan Emanuel (team swim) Andrew Grover Bruce Tomlinson, Marie Lambrechts, John Mahoney & Shannon Codd.
 29th March – Tweed Enduro: Warwick Schneller.
 Kurnell Series: Nigel Playle, Stephen Durant, Jack and Emily McPhee.
 2nd May 2015 - Busselton 70.3: Mike Gleeson.
 3rd May 2015 – Port Macquarie Ironman: Coach Lew Hartley, Ben Browne, Kelly Atkin, Derek Mulhearn, Jack McPhee, Emily McPhee, Deano Wilson, David Stewart. 
17th May – North Face 100: Brad Sutton.
 30th May 2015 – Kona 70.3: Di Bell.
 23rd August – Japan Ironman: Geoff Stutsel


Happy Training,
Bruce, Chris, Lew and Waino.

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