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Energy Link Coaching update ...

Boxing Day Bash: 
Around 40 Energy Link athletes and supporters enjoyed a great morning of friendly competition and Christmas cheer on Boxing Day.  The ITU start line was impressive as the ladies headed out with Hannah taking out the first event and the
seriously competitive mens event start was lead out by Saxon.  It was a great way to be able to say thank you to the Energy Link team, supporters and the Balmoral Tri Club for another wonderful year of coaching in the sport of triathlon.
Upcoming events: 
We don't want to get too far ahead for 2013 already but Husky Triathlon is a popular event agin this year - It looks like Energy Link has a great team heading down to the stunning South Coast to race. Auckland 70.3 is weeks away, Coles Bay, the OD National Series kick off and Geelong are also coming up and Melbourne Ironman is just around the corner. Good luck everyone - please send us a race photo a or two along with any stories.
Auckland 70.3 20th Jan: Vince Lauwerier, Rowan Beggs, Kevin Mutlow
Coast to Coast 8/9th Feb: Rob Woods.
Geelong 70.3 10th Feb: Mary and Joe Falco, 
Coles Bay Long Course 16th Feb: Tegan Cox.
Husky LC 17th Feb : David Stewart, Chris McLiver, Kath Wilkinson, Lew Hartley, Dean Wilson, Nic Ward,
Owain Matthews, Joe Sprange, Nick Black, Mike Gleeson, Laurent Ginnesini, James Greet, Wes Marshall.
National Series events Feb/ March: Gillian Akers
New Zealand Ironman 2nd March:  Jan Smeaton, Ron Wilson, Beryl Wilson
Melbourne Ironman 24th March : David Stewart, Vince Lauwerier, Neil Culkin
Bateman Bay Ultimate Triathlon 24th March: Shonel Coles, Nic Ward

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