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Energy Link Performance Coaching - November Update

Hi All,

Good luck to all those Energy Link athletes who have races coming up!

Upcoming events:

Shepparton Half Ironman 14/11: Gillian Akers, Joe Sprange

Nepean Triathlon 14/11 : Greg Burford, Tegan Cox, Mark Fiore, Martin Lord

Husky OD 21/11:  Lew Hartley, Amy Wilkinson, Mark Norman, Maddy Skinner

TriShave Kurnell 28/11: Maddy Skinner, Amy Wilkinson

Canberra HIM: Greg Burford, Stu Raymond, John Raymond and Mark Zaglas, Callum Mackay, Sam Purcell

Cozumel IM (Mexico) 28/11: Raynard Picard, Tom Hardman

Laguna Phuket 28/11: Bruno Lebeda

Busselton IM 5/12: Martin Lord, Andrea Gardiner

Phuket 70.3 5/12: Bruno Lebeda

Port of Tauranga HIM 8/1: Jan Smeaton

Understanding Energy Link Training Zones:

Training Zones are used to provide more specific benchmarks and targets for training sessions. It is important that you understand the training zones that have been set for your sessions so that you are aware of the intent of your session and so you are training effectively to reach targets. Training zones can differ slightly between coaching professionals however, as long as you are aware of the zones that Energy Link use you will find them useful.

Click on the link to read more: http://www.energylink.com.au/education-articles/energy-link-performance-coaching-training-zones.shtml


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