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Energy Link Training and racing gear

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Energy Link Training and racing gear:

Sorry this has taken so long and thank you for all the requests for gear - we have finally put together details for your order. 
Please consider ordering and wearing the Energy Link gear out training and racing ... it is awesome to see everyone in the gear and to be able to recognise our team and encourage each other while racing and training. Also, you will find it hard to kit yourself out in better quality, better looking and as competitively priced gear!

The garment info, pricing, design and size links are below: Please send orders via email or call Chris 0412 438 095 by Monday 23rd May 2011.

Race gear:
Distance tri top : http://champ-sys.com.au/custom/triathlon/cs-distance-tri-top.html

Distance tri shorts: http://champ-sys.com.au/custom/triathlon/cs-distance-tri-shorts.html

Tri suit: http://champ-sys.com.au/custom/triathlon/custom-tri-suit.html

Tri short: http://champ-sys.com.au/custom/triathlon/custom-tri-short.html

Tri top: http://champ-sys.com.au/custom/triathlon/custom-tri-top.html

Training Gear:
hort sleeve jersey: http://champ-sys.com.au/custom-short-sleeve-jersey.html

Training shorts/nicks : http://champ-sys.com.au/custom-shorts.html

Bib shorts/nicks: http://champ-sys.com.au/custom-bib-shorts.html

Sizing: PLease click here for a chart and all sizing details:  Please take the time to check your sizing thoroughly before ordering as Energy Link will not be responsible for incorrect orders. BTC member can check with their own club gear. 


Design: Click here to see the Energy Link design (design only - please ignore the garment) 


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