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Geoff Stutsel's race report. South Korea - Heogseong long distance triathlon 2015.

Our very own Energy Link ambassador in Korea Geoff Stutsel is giving some great insight into racing OS - congratulations Geoff on your fantastic results and thank you for he race report!


 swim finish
 swim start

South Korea - Heogseong long distance triathlon 3km 80km 20km 

It was a great little place for a race not much in the way of accommodation and places that we would eat at but as far as a race venue couldn’t complain.

Started out with the usual warmup some opera and K pop the swim course was clean I am pretty sure we had to contend with the tide on the second lap apart from that the swim was good water temperature was about 18 degrees NICE.



The bike course was closed to traffic which was a surprise and roads were in great condition an undulating 20km loop course only problem was they only had one aid station with bottled water so you had to decant into biddons on the bike and you know how they drive/ride over here.

By time I hit the run I was starting to get some small cramps due to lack of electrolytes on the bike course and due the lack of English speaking officials at the briefing I was left in the dark as to what was available on course all part of racing in another country.


I was hoping to run the cramps out in the first couple of K’s that didn’t happen as it got hotter as the day went on hitting 31 by time I had finished the run. They had 2 aid stations on the run but no ice but as I found out here in Korea your local club, family and friend just act as aid stations didn’t help me as I didn’t know anybody.

All in all great race they just need to fine tune some areas and they will have a fantastic product.


Only in Korea would you find this sort of bike rack setup at least you can drive through Macca’s on th way home and not clean your bike up.




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